We are system specialists in electrical engineering.

Our strength is in the planning and coordination of technical solutions applied in high-availability and system-relevant sectors. Our core competences lie in the areas of new construction and reconstruction as well as the extension of buildings forming part of system-relevant and security sensitive infrastructure. In addition to network calculation, cable laying and installation systems and cable conection works up to 300², we plan, procure and install the technical equipment and material required for your plants, installations and building complexes, coordinate the interfacces and take on the project management.

As experts with many years of experience, we offer to you professional competence and expertise in project handling and the execution of your projects in line with your specific requirements and individual needs. Furthermore and thanks to our cooperation with a powerful network of specialists covering a most comprehensive range of technical fields, we are able to act quickly and in a highly flexible way and, if requested, support you as a full-range supplier in the planning and construction of your building.

Our scope of services includes the procurement, planning and installation of:

  • UPS units and installations
  • Transformer stations
  • Emergency standby power systems
  • Cable insulation
  • Network engineering services and equipment
  • Low-voltage switchgear systems
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Antenna technology
  • Building management systems (EMS + Measurement, control and regulation technology)
  • Lighting technology  
  • Communication technology

We create demand-oriented network calculations, install cable laying and installation systems and carry out cable installation works up to 300².


Our specialists with many years of experience in project management and the technical equipment of datacenters are happy to assist you in the planning of your next large-scale project. Our know-how is always state-of-the art with respect to latest technological developments and up-to-date concerning applicable rules and regulations. This is why we can always find and work out the ideal solution for your next datacenter project in compliance with all standards. We install, control as well as supervise and support all technical works involved in the construction of your datacenter and coordinate the comprehensive measures to be undertaken in a precisely accurate manner and in compliance with the timelines and framework of your project.

Further to the coordination of the construction, extension and fit-out works, we are your contact partner for the complete technical connection and equipment of buildings, the planning of the entire network infrastructure and PUE as well as the wiring and installation of most advanced security systems.

Trust an experienced partner at your side, from project start to commissioning.


When it comes to the planning and construction of logistics centers, one of the keys aspects is the perfect layout of the site in combination with the rational and most useful technical equipment of the building to allow for use and operation of the facilities in a way that is maximally efficient in standard operation. Moreover, we always have an eye on concepts of sustainability and energy saving, which are becoming increasingly important.  

Profound experience in the planning, construction and technical equipment of a wide variety of projects is a hallmark of our team. We ask the right questions – beginning at the start of the planning phase, throughout the entire project and covering the issue of cost and energy efficiency of the plant and its facilities and installations.

Cleanrooms and laboratories

The technical equipment of cleanrooms and laboratories is subject to very specific requirements, rules and regulations. As an experienced service provider in this field, we know the ropes and are familiar with all relevant details. We draw your attention to applicable safety and security measures to be considered and are thus able to take into account all requirements that may apply to your individual case. In addition to careful planning and conscientious and reliable installation of systems and installations, our trained expert staff takes care of all necessary preparatory works and considers all interfaces to all up- and down-stream works and components already during the preliminary stages of the project.

Rely on us and on our many years of experience in planning and realization of laboratories and cleanrooms.

Transformer stations

Transformer stations - the junction points of highly complex power transmission systems and thus crucial points of any electrical power supply network. Together with the local power supply companies (PSC), we are your partner when it comes to the complete installation and modernization of transformer stations.

We assume the entire coordination with the customer as well as the whole range of works involving planning, construction, fitout and equipment, commissioning and acceptance. Our trained and experienced team of experts is always at your side throughout the entire process.